About Us

As a little girl and youngest of three sisters, I’ve always had an eye for style. Whether it stemmed from changing the hairstyle of my baby dolls and making sure their attire was coordinated from head to toe or just mainly due to the simplicity to detail and ever evolving change that I’ve grown to love; I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. As the years went by and I continued to perfect my craft and make a mark as a professional stylist, I knew that GOD had something else in store for me but I was still uncertain of that path.

Fast forward to 2013, when our beloved sister, Vidia’s LaKisha Foster, passed away unexpectedly. It was a great loss because not only did we lose our sister but we also lost our best friend. During this time, I knew that it was my duty to progress and that’s when GOD spoke to me with a vision. A vision to not only pursue fashion but to take it to another level and that’s when Vidia’s Closet was created.
Vidia’s Closet is not just a online boutique but it’s an experience created to make you feel good inside and out. We don’t just gear towards one size, we embrace all figures - from the petite, to the voluptuous and curvy. It’s all about feeling good with the skin you’re in and looking good and confident while doing it.